A place that feels like home when you are visiting New York City.

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POSH City Clubs will be conveniently located near popular city attractions like Grand Central, Penn Station, and Central Park


Day passes will cost about the same as a sandwich: the price it sometimes costs to use a restroom in a pinch


Attendants will be stationed at check in at all operating hours to simultaneously ensure members’ safety and privacy


POSH’s Hygienic facilities will be sanitized before each use by a full time attendant



Reprogrammable digital locks on every private locker: leave your things without worry


Preorder price will only be offered for a limited time, and membership is limited


What To Expect

Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect in a POSH City Club.

  • Touch-less toilet flush valves and sink faucets, as well as high-velocity hand dryers
  • Sound-proof personal lavatories with music
  • Baby changing stations for families
  • Within walking distance of NYC’s focal points
  • Restrooms are freshened up by full time attendant before each use
  • ADA compliant bathrooms with wheel-in shower, and enough space for an Aid
  • Digital photo ID check-in to ensure security
  • Wifi and charging stations for your electronic devices
  • Personal showers, so you can clean up after a long day or before a big event


Reasons to Pre-Order POSH City Club Membership Now

1) Membership is limited. If you wait, you risk being put on the Membership Waiting List. 2) We’ll lock your Annual Membership Fee and Day Pass rates for 2 years. These INTRODUCTORY rates will most definitely increase. 3) You can help your favorite charity/organization raise funds. 4) Your Day Pass allows you to come and go all day for less than the cost of one average taxi ride. 5) Your credit card won’t be charged until POSH nears the Grand Opening!

How POSH City Club Works

Choose a Day Pass package with your membership. Day Passes are what you use to sign in and use POSH. Each Day Pass gives you access for the entire day, and you can even gift a day pass to an accompanying friend and give them access to all services, even if they’re not a member.

Minimum Day Passes can be increased during initial signup or at any later date to as many as you need.

3-5 Day Pass Package

Membership $15.00


From: $39.00

Sign Up

6-11 Day Pass Package

Membership $15.00


From: $57.00

Sign Up

12-100 Day Pass Package

Membership $15.00


From: $87.00

Sign Up

365 Day Pass Package

Membership Included


Total: $640.00

Sign Up

POSH City Club Referral Program: After purchasing your membership you will receive a referral code to share to earn $10.00 for each new member, up to your purchase amount, that signs up using your code!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the benefits of signing up before the Grand Opening?

A: POSH City Club has limited membership. Not to mention
that the quicker we grow membership the quicker we open,
and the quicker you get to enjoy your membership.

Q: Why can only three children use the facilities? We are a family with four kids. This doesn’t make any sense to me.

A: The purpose of the policy is to have a written
guideline to offset the occasional person who might try to
abuse our offer of courtesy to families. It would be
unpleasant and impractical for POSH attendees to have to
try to prove their relationship, so a policy had to be
created to avoid this unfortunate, hopefully rare,
occurrence. We also felt it was intrusive of us to ask
members to put the names of all their children under 18 on
membership forms. While this type of information would help
us avoid the above described situation, we find it an
inappropriate request from any business.

This policy is meant to ensure the best user experience
to all of our members, but we don’t want to alienate our
members with families. Our staff is perfectly willing to
make exceptions for those cases where it would be
unreasonable to deny you or your children access. We care
about our members and the quality of our services so rest
assured we will always do what we can to make your visit to
POSH City Club as comfortable as we can.

Q: When will POSH City Club open?

A: We are opening as soon as we can. Preorders help
speed things up, but we aren’t reliant on them to open.
Signing a lease, expediting permits, construction… these
things do take time, and like any large project, sometimes
more time than you would have preferred. Nonetheless, we
expect POSH’s first City Club will be open by year’s

Q: Is there a limit to how many members I can bring?

A: There is no limit to how often you can bring guests, but we limit our members to bringing no more than five guests at one time. We want to ensure that POSH does not become overcrowded.

Q: If I’m not a member, can I stop in and pay for one day or just use the bathroom or a locker?

A: No. Only members will have access to the facilities.
HOWEVER, if you’re with a friend who is a member they can gift a Day Pass to you.

Q: Are there any requirements to become a member?

A: Anyone over age 18 can become a member, and if you
and your spouse both want to use POSH, sign up together
to share your membership.

Q: Are there any extra charges for using the bathrooms or storing items for the day?

A: No. There are no additional charges for any services.
Membership and Day Passes are all you have to pay for.
Once you use a day pass, all of the services of POSH City
Club are available to you for the next twenty four

Q: How do I know which package to buy?

A: The 3-5 Day Pass and 6-11 Day Pass packages are for less frequent visitors, while the 12-104 Day Pass and 365 Day Pass packages are for those who visit more often.

Q: Do my kids enter for free?

A: Up to three children per member, under age
18, may be admitted with you free of charge and without you
having to spend a Day Pass. We limit the number only as a
precaution against the rare instance of
someone potentially abusing our courtesy. At POSH we
care about giving our members the best possible experience,
and we understand that part of providing the best customer
experience is being reasonable and discretionary. We
therefore want to enforce this policy only to
ensure the quality of our customers’ experience.

Q: Are there really going to be places with clean, private bathrooms and lockers to keep my bags in Manhattan?

A: Yes. This is not a joke! Along with our many clean,
private, soundproof restrooms, POSH City Club will have
lockers to store your shopping bags, extra jackets, and
other valuables. We are also able to securely store
your larger items for the day that don’t fit in the
personal day lockers. These are just a couple of the
services that will be available at every location.